Make your own interactive business card.

Forget about the old printed ones, which generally ended up in the garbage. With our digital business card you can make and share your contact informations, also with switchable events as a call, email, WhatsApp, link your website, payment methods, social, maps and so on.

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“People can save automatically your contact details in their phone Apple and Android.”
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“Your potential clients can contact you on WhatsApp / WeeChat, even without save your number! ”
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“Every Time you’ll meet them, you can ask them to scan the QR code of your business card.”

Showcase the great features of your vcard

QR Code

Every Time you’ll meet them, you can ask them to scan the QR code of your business card. In this way they have instantly the access to your contact informations and save them.

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“It is very useful.”

You can personalise your business card, loading your logo, and your personal background colour. Insert the contacts that you want to share, or you can ask our team to do it, for free.

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“I love minimal design.”

Plan your own professional contacts, optimise the time, save your money and respect the environment. Your clients can contact you through the instant messaging without save your number.

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“Quick let me contact you now.”
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Save your contacts and save the environment.

No tree will be downed to print your business cards. The 80% of the visit cards doesn’t even been used by the customers, much of the time it goes in the garbage. But with your virtual visit card, your addressees can add your contact informations to their phone without doing nothing than click on “save on your phone”.

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Here's how we do things differently

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Pro Plan
The professional version includes all the functions plus the possibility of personalise the url address. Illimitated QR scan and statistics.
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Business Plan
The companies version that includes all the PRO functions, plus the possibility to log your domain , create a personalised email [email protected]

People are diggin’ it

Your experience is all for us. We’re searching to create a simple and fast service to make your life easier and ecological.
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we have increased sales thanks to our virtual business card.”
Marianna Corvino
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“The support team is super helpful. We're so glad to have them on call.”
Cristian Mezzo
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“Reliability is what vcf is known for, and they've totally delivered this time.”
Claudio Landi
Art director

Ready to save your contact

Just a few minutes to create your virtual visit card on all the Android and Apple devices. Make your business smart and ecological.