More businesses in Singapore switching to digital name cards
18, Sep 2021

More businesses in Singapore switching to digital name cards

SINGAPORE - With increasing digitalisation during the Covid-19 pandemic, the common name card is becoming a thing of the past. Switching to digital cards is good for the environment and can save money, but it is a blow for some printing businesses.

In a contactless world, many have ditched physical name cards for digital ones. In March this year, OCBC Bank rolled out digital business cards for its employees as part of digital transformation efforts. Prior to this, the bank was getting more than one million business cards printed annually, at a cost of about $100,000.

Said Ms Koh Ching Ching, head of group brand and communications at OCBC: "As part of our digital transformation efforts, we have invested in technology and digital capabilities to enable the roll-out of a wide range of digital solutions not just for our customers but for our employees as well. "While the potential cost savings may be substantial, the larger focus is to promote environmentally friendly behaviour not just among our employees but also the wider community."

Ms Koh added that the initiative, aligned with the bank's sustainability agenda which aims to reduce paper usage, has enabled employees of OCBC and Bank of Singapore in 15 markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, to share their business cards digitally via mobile phones.

This can be done by scanning a QR code that is generated after the employee launches the digital business card sharing function on the bank's human resource mobile application. The recipient's mobile phone must scan the QR code. The employee's name, designation and contact details will then be automatically added as a contact on the recipient's mobile phone. Ms Koh said the bank aims to do away with physical business cards and go fully digital in this aspect in Singapore by the end of this year and across all other markets by 2023.

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