Business Cards for photographers
23, Sep 2021

Business Cards for photographers

For photographers, putting the link to your portfolio on your digital business card is a must. If you don’t have a portfolio, include links to examples of past work—like a website you built, an app you designed, or social media content you created.

In addition, adding your LinkedIn to your card will allow a potential employer to see your full work history. Instagram is also a unique opportunity to easily showcase your work—consider making an Instagram account for your designs, and then add that to the “Instagram” field. Don’t be afraid to add a custom logo to your card if you have one!

First and Last Name

It’s best to use whichever name you go by professionally. I recently got married, and because I went by my maiden name for so long I have my first name and my (new) last name on my card, and then have my maiden name in parentheses.


You have a few options when it comes to your job title. You can either put your exact current or most recent title (like, Sales Manager), the title you want (Senior Sales Manager), or a general title (Sales).


When you’re looking for a job, always put your email on your business card and resume. If you’re currently employed and are looking to leave said job, it’s best to put your personal email on your digital business card, not your work email.

Phone Number

Some people don’t like sharing their phone number, and that’s understandable. However, when you’re applying for jobs, you want to make it as easy as possible for a recruiter or potential employer to reach out to you. Most likely you’ll receive an email before someone contacts you by phone, but from a recruiter’s standpoint, a phone number is a nice-to-have.


One thing I would often see on resumes was the candidate’s home addresses. A full address isn’t necessary, especially these days when more and more companies are moving to a remote-based workplace. Put your general location on your card, like, San Francisco, or SF Bay Area, and that'll suffice. You can even add “or remote” at the end of it too, if you’re open to remote work post-COVID19.

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